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Designed for high-level/pro play. The Aria pro delivers the perfect combo of extreme control with explosive power.
  • PROFESSIONAL - created for professional players
  • QUALITY COMPONENTS - polypropylene honeycomb core, T700 carbon fiber face with premium upgraded grip, edge guard, and end cap are all combined to create this powerful paddle
  • ELONGATED - for extra reach
  • SANCTIONED - USA Pickleball approved for tournament play
- 16.5" x 7.5"
- Raw T-700 Carbon Fiber
- 14mm polypropylene honeycomb core
- 5.5" handle length
- 4.2" circumference
- Approximately 8.0 oz
- Thermoformed, unibody and foam injected walls for increased stability and power.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    George Daniel
    Good value paddle - first purchased paddle for a newby

    Purchased this paddle as it was identified as a top-5 Value paddle. We are new to pickleball and purchased this for my wife. We wanted a paddle that would grow with us as we progressed during our pickleball journey and this seems to fit the bill. It's an aestheically pleasing looking paddle which was was one of the draws for my wife. Since we are new to pickleball and don't have the experience to compare to other paddles, can't really say anything about that, but it seems to meet the needs for my wife at this time and hopefully in the future as we progress.

    Excellent power

    ARIA Pro has quite a bit of power which will be most advantage when playing single. You can drive the balls very well with it. I am certain that this paddle can help you move up to the next level in your game. They have the best customer service which is a plus. Try it!

    Robert DeCanio
    Aria Pro

    Love the spin I get on my serves with this paddle. Weight and grip are perfect. Highly recommend trying this.

    Lisa Ward
    awesome paddle at the right price

    I've been playing with this paddle for a few months now, and I love it. The way the paddle is weighted helps me get that extra spin on my shots. It's been durable so far. Initially there was some minor wear on the carbon face, but that is easily remedied with a carbon block. And honestly, after the first few weeks of playing with this, it stopped visibly wearing down. I recently compared this paddle to a nearly identical paddle from another manufacturer, who's charging double for what appeared to me and that paddle's owner to be the exact same paddle. I've loved this paddle and don't plan to switch anytime soon! The white handle will get dirty, so don't be surprised there.

    Rev Aria Pro

    I have been using the Rev Aria Pro for 2 months now and let me tell you this paddle is a game changer. If you haven't tried it out must get your hands on this paddle. Great price, Great Product, And great company. Paddle is perfectly matched for any type of play. Simlly Amazing.